About Us

 Bro. J.D. Leake

  I was saved in December of 1985, at the tender age of five years old in Amarillo, Texas. My Papa, Dalon Perkins, led me to Jesus in his living room. When I was a baby my parents divorced. I spent most of my life back and forth between Texas and Missouri. I was called to preach at the age of six. Most of my adult life was spent running hard from the call of God to preach. In August of 2002, I married my wife, Teri. Most of that first year of marriage was spent fighting and running harder from God’s call. Finally, after many wasted years of spiritual ups and downs God allowed some serious chastisements into my life (Hebrews 12). God had my attention in a real way for the first time in a long time.

In August of 2003, my family and I moved to Oklahoma City to join Southwest Baptist Church and began a tremendous healing process. We were members at Southwest Baptist Church in OKC, OK, from August 2003 until February of 2012. I taught a five year old boys Sunday School class for the last three years of our time at SWBC. I had the privilege to serve on a rotating security team, as well as serve the last two years as an officer on the finance committee. I also had the great privilege to preach in local retirement homes, and sing special music in various Sunday School classes at SWBC. Teri served as my helper in Sunday School, served on a monthly nursery schedule, as well as sang special music, and in the choir under the leadership of Bro. Floyd Schexnayder. She was also involved in monthly ladies meetings in the church: Ladies in Fellowship Together, as well as Heartland Helpmeets at Heartland Baptist Bible College. On January 14, 2009 while sitting in a Wednesday night service at Southwest Baptist Church during the National Church Planting/Home Missions Conference God began to deal with my heart. Dr. Lou Baldwin was preaching a message entitled “A Vision for Church Planting”. It was during this service that God placed a very clear call upon my life to plant a New Testament Baptist Church or Churches in America. During the altar call, I went forward and surrendered to Church Planting in America. At the exact same time, my wife was experiencing the same voice of God in her heart to the ministry of Church Planting as she followed me in ministry. After the service we shared with each other how God had clearly spoken to each of us in our hearts about this ministry for our lives. It was not until 2 years later that these things began to take shape in our lives. God began calling us away from SWBC in the late fall of 2011. By the time of the National Home Missions/Church Planting Conference, God showed us that our new home would be in North Carolina. We arrived there on February 9, 2012. While serving as an Evangelist God began to clarify His will for us to plant a church in America. We believe that God clearly led us to plant a New Testament Church in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. Our family moved to Lake St. Louis in August of 2013, and we started holding services on Sunday, August 24. After 2 years on the field and laboring to see souls saved and a local New Testament Baptist Church established, the time came for us to shake the dust off our feet and move on for God. (Matt. 10:14, Luke9:5) And sadly, there still remains no Independent Fundamental Baptist Church there. (Ps. 127:1)   After several months of seeking God’s direction and considering many various opportunities for service, God finally made it clear that there was an open door for us to move back to North Carolina and be a part of one of our supporting churches, which is Morning Star Baptist Church. In December 2015, my family and I moved on to the church property in a vacant mission’s house that belongs to the church. We quickly joined the church membership, and continued to serve in and through our local church, under the leadership and authority of Pastor Ron Young. We considered Evangelism, Missions, and even pastoring again throughout the months after our arrival. It was not until October of 2016 that God began to really deal with my heart about the call He had already placed upon my life for church planting. It seemed as though God was constantly reminding me of the calling. I had unknowingly been trying to protect myself and my family from some of the heartache that came from our previous attempt to plant a church. Finally after a few months of battling in prayer and study, God helped me to humble myself and submit to the calling He already had for me and my family, which is that of Church Planting. In January of 2017 I had clear direction that we would start another church, but the question I had for God, was where and when. It became increasingly evident that the place was already in my heart, I just wasn’t willing to go there, in fact I had often times through the years told God, “anywhere but not there”. The place that God has continued to burden my heart for is Texas, specifically Allen, TX. My wife and I have prayed for God to send someone to that area for years, and still to this day there is no Independent Baptist Church there. We quickly recognized that God was directing our hearts to the city of Allen, TX and we finally submitted to that place in March of 2017. By God’s grace and with his help we are endeavoring to plant and establish the Harvest Baptist Church of Allen, TX.

 Sister Teri Leake & Children

I grew up my whole life before marriage, in a small town of N. Central Texas. My mother always took my brother and I to the local Southern Baptist Church. I made a false profession at the age of 12 in that church. In August of 2003, my family and I moved to Oklahoma City to join Southwest Baptist Church and it was there that we began this exciting journey. I never really had any peace or assurance of my salvation. I was absolutely miserable, and my pride kept me from settling it with the Lord. After three years of sitting under the expository preaching of Bro. Sam Davison, I came under heavy Holy Ghost conviction one Sunday morning in July of 2006 while Bro. Davison was preaching a message on Hell. I remember how afraid I was that God was going to kill me and let me go straight to Hell that very day. I don’t know why I thought I had to be at church to get saved, but I begged God throughout that day to let me make it back that evening so I could get saved. Well, He did. As soon as the altar call was given, I grabbed my pastor’s wife and humbled myself at an old fashioned altar. I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour on that Sunday night in July of 2006. It has been a real joy to serve Jesus alongside of my husband for the past 19 years. I also have the great privilege of being the mommy to the four precious children that God has given us. Mackenzie is 18, Christopher is 16, Hannah is 13, and Kassidee is 5. All of our children enjoy serving the Lord with their Daddy and I. Mackenzie is our pianist, Hannah and Kassidee are studying to learn the piano, and our son Christopher plays the mandolin and the bass guitar. God has richly blessed our family with a desire to be a blessing through our music and singing in many various places and churches. We are delighted to serve the Allen Texas area for the cause of Christ.